Stacey Vuduris is an accomplished interior designer that is best known for creating unique one of kind spaces for her diverse clientele.  Her rooms tell a story that keeps us interested detail by detail.  Her MO is simple:  Create a signature design element for each room, use sleek modern lines, all while incorporating the client’s passions and style. She has always said that there are two types of designers:  those with a very specific look who you hire for that look, or those who really get to know each client and make the space uniquely their own.  Stacey falls into the second category.  She has a knack for creating gorgeous, personal spaces that just feel like home.


Stacey is originally from Ohio, then moved to Texas as a teen.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design, and a minor in Business at Texas Christian University.  After college she moved to Hawaii for a few years, and then eventually made her way to Los Angeles.  Living so many different places has helped her diversify her style and relate to people all over the country.  She started Stacey Vuduris Design in 2006, a company, which from its inception, has brought forth confident and daring plans for those interested in designing or refurbishing their homes.  She specializes in residential design, but also has experience in hospitality design.

Stacey’s celebrity clientele include Kristen Bell and Nancy O’Dell.  Her designs were featured in a six-page spread for InStyle Magazine with Kristen Bell.  She was also featured on HGTV’s “My Favorite Place”.